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Kyle Morey set out to do something unusual. He wanted to write a book just for you. Of course, every author wants to write a book for his or her readers. But Kyle wanted this book to speak to YOU, to serve YOU.


So every day for 30 days he started with a spiritual warm-up of prayer and praise and scripture, then asked God what you needed to hear most. And then he started writing.


He wrote from his heart not his head. He sought to inspire rather than to convince. He shared some deeply personal experiences of faith and family. And he demonstrated his devotion, not to tell you how you should express your love of the Lord, but to show one way it might be expressed.


He wrote every day, no matter what, for 30 days straight. He wrote daily despite having a full time job, a family he was devoted to, and church duties that were time consuming. Such was his dedication.


In the end, was he successful in writing what you need to hear? Only you can decide that. Would you like to find out?  > READ MORE