Imagine a moment 
When your audience is on their feet, hands clapping uncontrollably, tears of joy spilling from their eyes, their hearts bursting with love and happiness. 

Imagine a moment 

When your audience is sitting quietly in their seats, a reflective and somber mood settles on them like manna from heaven, their hands rubbing at their chins in deep contemplation of their future.

Imagine a moment 

When your audience tells you how happy they are that you invited them and that they can't wait to come back again, but this time, with their friends and family—including their mothers-in-law.

All of those and more consistently take place at my Spirit-inspired talks.  I believe we can do just about anything we can imagine.  Just ask it, and you shall receive it.

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A little more about me

For ten plus years, I’ve been speaking professionally to audiences large and small—giving hundreds of speeches, keynotes, facilitated workshops, classroom chats, opening/closing remarks, talks, sermons, radio interviews, boardroom presentations, and more.  I've even championed a flash mob!

Speaking subjects

I speak on a variety of topics including motivation, leadership, courage, spirituality, faith in the workplace, the power of believing, and more. I am available for keynotes, workshops, and conferences for audiences of any size or age.

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