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"I can't get enough of God's lemonade in my life. This podcast is just what I need to keep the right perspective on what matters most in this world, my business, and in my family.  

B. Todd Bright, Speaker



Did God create the perfect recipe for making lemonade?  Can He take any lemons in your life, and with the right amount of water and sugar, dilute your sourness and make life sweet?


In GODMADE LEMONADE the podcast, authors Jason Westover and Kyle LB Morey explore the simplicity of this recipe and its application in the lives of famous authors and speakers, preachers and parents, business leaders and bums from around the world. 

Does the recipe work everytime?  Can all lemons in life be made sweet?  Looking for inspiration in your own life?  Stay tuned . . .


GODMADE LEMONADE was inspired by a chapter in the book, Ask God, where author Kyle L.B. Morey compared the earthly ingredients to making lemonade to those of a more divine origin.